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At the same time, we inform our customers about their right ad responsibilities about the content exposed through the platform, brands used and the responsibilities that may be derived of the use of this service.

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For the effects of interpreting the following conditions, we understand that a person will be a customer in the moment him accepts the Terms & Conditions on the Website, being enough the visit to it.


We are committed with the perfect operation of our service. However, sometimes is possible to happen, especially with third parties involved with bad intentions. Situations that can lead to liabilities.

For those cases, we point out below all the situations we do not take responsibilities of the actions of the users:

  • In case there is information published that we did not published or a third person publishes it.
  • In case of the website is not available due to technical reasons by third parties or unpredictable causes.
  • In case the customer store, spread or publish on the Website any defamatory, abusive or obscene material that could affect the morally, the public order, the right or public freedom, as well as pictures of a third person.
  • In case the user use the Website to enter data, virus, codes, hardware equipment or any other electronic devise or physic, that could harm to the system of other users.
  • In case any of the content accessible on the website is against the law, we assure to remove immediately that content, as soon as we are aware of it and we check the rights.

Should the seller comply with the contract in case of error in the price? In cases in which the price difference is scandalous to the point that the buyer knows perfectly that the purchase is not a special offer or a bargain, but there is an error in the price, it can hardly hold on at all costs to the fulfillment of the contract. The contract would be voidable by an error in the consent (of the seller, manifested in an incorrect offer) and also would be seen abuse of right by the buyer. In case the product has not been sent, the correct thing would be to inform the consumer as soon as possible and return the money, and trust it accepts it.

In case any of the contents accessible through the website or platform are contrary to current regulations, we undertake to proceed with their immediate withdrawal, as soon as we become aware of and corroborate the facts.


We are deeply commit with the protection and defense of the intellectual and industrial property rights. Because of that, we inform that:

  • Under no circumstances could be misunderstood by the user that we give the rights of use about the content exposed further than the strictly necessary to be able to watch them.
  • We guarantee that all content exposed is completely original and suitable to the legislation existing, being all by the intellectual property rights. In those cases which we do not have the property of the content; we dispose the rights related to the public communication, distribution and reproduction.
  • All the logos, brands and commercial names exposed through the website remain our property or we have the rights to use it.
  • Under no circumstances, surfing through the website can involve resignation, license, total, or partial assignment respect to the intellectual and industrial property, unless indicated otherwise in writing.
  • None of the content at the website can be download, played or used in any other devise or different place than our website, unless we able a way to do it.
  • For security reasons, is not allowed to use frames or mechanisms that vary or modify the design, original settings or content on the Website.
  • Related to links and hyperlinks, we may give access to third independent parties websites that are directly related to the advertisement showed in our website. Not being our website property these ones, we are not responsible of the contents on it.
  • In case you spot some content against to the legislation existing or that may damage the users rights, we beg you to notify it to us to the following email:


In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, all personal data provided during the use of the website will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. Privacy that every user must expressly accept in order to use and register in the system. Any user that accepts these terms of use, accept in an informed, express and unambiguous way our Privacy Policy, assisting him in this regard the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding their personal data, may exercise them as reported in the aforementioned Privacy Policy.


For any litigious or incidental matter to our website or any of those that depend on it, Spanish law will be applicable, being competent for the resolution of all conflicts arising or related to the use of this website, the Courts and Courts of Granada, Spain and, where appropriate, the Arbitration Courts of consumption or similar to those that we are adhered to, at the time of the controversy. To submit claims in the use of our services can be sent by mail to the electronic or physical address above, having to resort in any case to a friendly solution in the first instance.