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We know you.
We know you love sweet but without sugar… We know you like fiber, proteins and you hate bad fats… But above all, we know you like to take care of yourself.

In MAX PROTEIN® we have created the new ¡¡PROTYS®!!
Enjoy this amazing flavor
PROTYS® are a soft sponge cake with a 22% Volactive by Volac® protein, low content in polyalcohol’s, covered with a skimmed chocolate and filled with a delicious cream with less than 1% sugar added. Sugar will not be a problem anymore.

PROTY® is also palm oil free.
Get now your PROTYS® in its 4 delicious flavors:
Choc & Choc
Bun & Cream
Choc & Cream
Nuevo Peanut & Choc filled with our authentic peanut butter McMani® 

The smartest way to satisfy your desire of a sweet, creamy sponge cake and you body does not notice is called PROTYS® and it is waiting for you.


Energy 1327 kJ/ 314 Kcal
Fats  3.6 g
Of which saturates  1.9 g
Carbohydrates  46 g
Of wchich sugars  0.5 g
Proteins  24.3 g
Salt  1.1 g

Ingredients:  Ingredients: Pasteurized liquid EGG, Sweetener: maltitol, WHEAT Flour (GLUTEN), WHEAT GLUTEN, Custard cream (12%) (Sweetener: maltitol, Water, Modified starches, Non hydrogenated sunflower vegetable oil, Humectant: sorbitol, Stabilizers: E-460, E-466, Preservative: potassium sorbate, Vanilla aroma, Colours: E-171, E-160c, E-160a, E-100, Acid: citric acid, Salt, Emulsifier: E-472c), Calcium caseinate (derived from MILK), WHEAT (GLUTEN) Starch, Stabilizer: glycerin, Water, Emulsifier: E-471, Whey (MILK) powder, Raising agent: E-500 (ii), E-450 (i), Preservatives: potassium sorbate , calcium propionate, salt, ferment, Sweetener: sucralose, Carrier: propylene glycol, propylene glycol esters, emulsifier: E-470a, Thickener: xanthan gum, enzymes (protease, α-amylasemaltogenic) and Vanillin. No added sugars, contains naturally occurring sugars.Directions: Consume as preferredAllergens </strongContains cereals containing gluten, eggs and derived and milk and derived products. May contain traces of peanuts and derived, soy and derived, tree nuts and derived and sesame and derived.An excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

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